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This book is about America’s infamous Military Industrial Complex and the current War on Terror.

Like Rome, Spain, Britain, and the numerous empires of history, now it is our turn at imperialism
and empire. How we will manage our tremendous imperial responsibilities is the political question
for this century. We shall either build the world into a place where there is Pax Americana, a golden
age of peace. Or we shall destroy the planet and all of God’s creation. Unlike the fall of Rome, the
unraveling of the Spanish Empire and the bankruptcy of the British Empire, Pax Americana will
either bring liberty and justice to the planet’s hungry and poor, or Armageddon.

This book also discusses alternatives to the breath and reach of the military industrial complex.
One solution to our militarized economy is to slowly redirect defense spending toward space and
ocean exploration using the same defense contractors. The defense industry is a very powerful
influence on Congress and will continue to live off the public doll regardless of the needs of the
public. Thus the shifting of resources away from defense spending requires a new mission as
defense contractors will not give up their privileged positions without a political fight.